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Last updated 12/25/05




See images and analysis of ancient mathematical objects: IMAGE GRID


JAB: publications

JAB=JAB=Journal for the Aramaic Bible


Research into the Aramaic versions of the Hebrew Bible [Torah], the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha and the New Testament.

Reviews of the Targums [Aramaic Bible], the Syriac translations (including the Syro-Hexapla, the Peshitta, the Diatessaron [See Tatian] and the Vetus Syra), the Syro-Palestinian and Samaritan versions.

The Peshitta Institute at Leiden will provide bibliographic data for the Syriac Bible.

Provisionally, the Semitic Institute at Kampen will take care of other bibliographic data.

Guidelines for publications [and Theological abbreviations] as per:

D. J. A. Clines, The Sheffield Manual for Authors & Editors in Biblical Studies (Manuals, 12), Sheffield, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997. This filed with archive [B_209]

Indices published by the American Theological Library Association, Chicago. [ATLA]

Indices available online through BRS Information Technologies (Latham, NY)

Indices also available online through Dialog Information Technologies (Palo Alto, CA)

For [referencing] manuscripts from Qumran use of the list published by F. Garcia Martinez, The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated: The Qumran Texts in English, trans. W. G. E. Watson (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1994), pp. 465-513, is recommended.



JAMS: publication

JAMS=The Journal of Ancient Military Studies


<snip> a new peer-reviewed journal, invites contributions (deadline March 1, 2004) on all aspects of warfare within and between  the cultures of

Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa, from the Bronze  Age to the

foundation of Islam (circa 3000 BCE to the 7th c. CE). The first issue is to

appear in Fall 2004. Inquiries about contributions or subscriptions to:



JANDA: papyri

See IANDANAE; [O_027]


JAPANESE: mathematics

See also NUMBERS.


9.1. Fukagawa, Hidetoshi, and Dan Pedoe. Japanese temple geometry problems. Winnipeg, MB.: Charles Babbage Research Centre, 1989.

9.2. Horiuchi, Annick. Les mathématiques japonaises à l’époque d’Edo (1600-1868). Paris: Librairie philosophique J. Vrin, 1994, 409 pp.

9.3. Mikami, Yoshio. The Development of Mathematics in China and Japan. New York: G. E. Stechert & Co., 1913. Reprinted New York: Chelsea Publishing Co., 1961.

9.4. Mikami, Yoshio, and D. E. Smith. History of Japanese Mathematics. Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Co., 1914.


The above and more via this link:

JARCE: publication

[B_607, 8.5,NO MATH]
CATNYP# *OBH (American Reseach Center in Egypt)
JARCE #36, 1999
Article by Seth Richardson:
“Libya Domestica: Libyan Trade and Society on the Eve of Invasions of Egypt.”
Meshwesh=Libyan Peoples



JAVA: (varied inscriptions) Indonesian island of



JCS=JCS=Journal of Cuneiform Studies [B_379]

[B_379, rvw] CATNYP# *OCO (Journal of Cuneiform Studies)

Cambridge, 1947-




JEA: journal compilations

JEA=JEA=The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, London, 1914-


[B_303] CATNYP# *OBH+(Journal of Egyptian Archaeology)

See JEA IX (1923; p. 91-95) for a brief paper by T. E. Peet on AE Math which is an abridged lesson from his work in [B_092]; see RHIND.

“Arithmetic in the Middle Kingdom.”


See JEA XVI, (1930): p. 242-249, Kurt Vogel’s:

“The Truncated Pyramid in Egyptian Mathematics.”


See also:

1.9. Vogel, Kurt. Kleinere Schriften zur Geschichte der Mathematik. 2 vols. M. Folkerts (ed). Stutgart: Franz Stern Verlag, 1988. [Only relevant chapters].

1.10. Vogel, Kurt. Vorgriechische Mathematik. Vol. 1. Vorgeschichte in Aegyptien. Hannover: Hermann Schroedel Verlag; Paderborn: Verlag Ferdinand Schoningh, 1988.


[B_017a, 8.5,NO IMG] CATNYP# OBH+ JEA, "Four Geometrical Problems from the Moscow Mathematical Papyrus", Journal of Egyptian Archaeology Volume 15, Nov. 1929, pp 167-184, by Battiscombe Gunn and T. Eric Peet.

(as per T.E. Peet) see Pap. PETROGRAD [LENINGRAD]

1116A recto.

JEA is also at Watson Library, MMA, NY.


[B_017a.2, 8.5’s,NO IMG] CATNYP# OBH+ JEA,

Journal of Egyptian Archaeology Volume 12, 1923

pp 123-137ff, by Battiscombe Gunn and T. Eric Peet. “Recent Publications” showing an abridged intro to [B_092]


CATNYP# *OBH+(Journal of Egyptian Archaeology)
See JEA 61 (1975; p. 248-9) for a brief paper by David P. Silverman.
“Fractions in the ABU SIR papyri.”


JEMDET NASR: (3000 BCE evidence, 100km S. of Baghdad, Iraq)

[B_509,8.5,IMG,MAP IRAQ] CATNYP# *OCM+ 02-6197

“Secrets of the Dark Mound: Jemdet Nasr 1926-1928.”

By Roger Matthews, IAR 6, 2002.

Includes images of “gaming pieces.”

Includes images of weights.

Includes images of tokens.

Includes images of steingefasse (maybe a clepsydra?).

Available from OXBOW catalog [B_332 alt]


JENAER: (Greek) papyri

(as per E. G. Turner) P. Jena. = Jenaer Papyrus-Urkunden, ed. F. Zucher and F. Schneider. Jena, 1926.


P.Jena 1.: (Greek; 231 bce; THEBES)


(as per E. G. Turner) See  [O_017]

[O_017,8.5,IMG] NO CATNYP

BOBST# PA3308 .J4 Oversize

See BOBST Archive: O 1

Jenaer Papyrus-Urkunden und spatmittelalterliche Urkundenn: nebst den ersten Universitatsordnungen und Statuten vom Jahre 1548 / Herausgegeben von Friedrich Zucher und Friedrich Schneider.”

Jena, 1926.

Includes some medieval history of Jena, Germany

Friedrich Zucker, 1881-?

Friedrich Snyder, 1887-?

P.Jena 1.: (Greek; 231 bce; THEBES)



JERRY: Mom’s cousin puts me to work

Jerry Norinsky, 1927-present.

121502_3_Describe ratio of area of an equilateral six pointed Star of David to its inscribed maximum inscribed equilateral triangle

S is to T as 4 is to 3: correct


121502_2_Describe ratio of area of an equilateral hexagon to its inscribed [maximum inscribed] equilateral triangle

H is to T as 2 is to 1: correct


121502_1_Ratio of the equilateral triangle to the inscribed [smaller] circle, with the inscribed circle touching at the midpoint of each of the three sides of the equilateral triangle.

T is to [smaller]C as (3/4)*(3^1/2) is to Pi/4

Or roughly, with radius=1, as:

.75*(1.732) is to 3.142/4

1.299 is to .786

1.299 is to .786, or about: 60% of the Triangle is the area of the Circle: correct


121302_Ratio of the area of a circle to its inscribed hexagon.

C is to H as Pi is to (3/2)*(3^1/2)

Or roughly, with radius=1, as:

3.142 is to 2.598

or about: 83% of the Circle is the area of the Hexagon: correct


121202_Decribe the ratio of the circle to its inscribed [smaller] equilateral triangle, with the inscribed triangle touching the circle in three spaces and describing three equal arcs.

C is to [smaller]T as Pi is to (3/4)*(3^1/2)

Or roughly, with radius=1, as:

3.142 is to .75*(1.732)

3.142 is to 1.299

or about: 40% of the Circle is the area of the Triangle: correct


120402_2_Formula for the area of the void between three similar circles touching at one point each on each other and thus describing an equilateral triangle with a smaller inscribed tri-equilateraloid for which the formula is requested.


Or roughly, with radius=1, as:


1.732-1.571=.161 (r^2)=.161 or about 16% of the circle is the area of the specified tri-equilateraloid: correct

*consider this as (three similar circles-two inscribed hexagons)/6


120402_1_Formula for the area of intersection of two similar circles with each circumference touching others center.


*[[(2/3*Pi)-((1/2)*(3^1/2))]*(r^2)] is better

or roughly, with radius =1, as:


(2.096-.866)=1.230 [square units]

While the area of each circle [Pi*r^2] is 3.142 the area of the intersection is 1.230. or about 39% of either circle is the area of the intersection.

*consider this as (two similar circles-one inscribed hexagon)/3



121200_Prove the product of a four-term consecutive numerical progression plus one equals a perfect square; i.e. ABCD + 1 = [N^2] =X:

*Consider 4 consecutive numbers: A, B, C, D.





*Rearrange terms

(AxD) x (BxC) + 1 = a perfect square [N^2]

Sustitute “A” terms





*Easier if you consider that AD=BC-2; BC=AD+2


(A^2)(D^2)+2AD+1=ABCD +1

[(AD+1)^2]=ABCD + 1

Q. E. D.

*Easier still if you consider that:






Q. E. D. correct


My question for Jerry_122002_given three points describing a circle [lying anywhere on the circle]; determine the radius of the circle. The condition of the given points is that two are on a line and the remaining point is on the perpendicular at the midpoint of the first line.

1. determine the distance of the points from each other; A<>B; B<>C; C<>A = x; y; z

if any two [or three] of x, y, z are equal connect the perpendiculars of these lines and measure from the

intersection to the shared point [or any of the points in the equilateral case] to determine the radius.

If no sides are equal draw a perendicular to the largest side: and then rien!?_later

If a perpendicular cannot be constructed in the area due to physical constraints then remember that the

distance from the midpoint of the given line to the outer point/the length of the line is:R'/D’

And that r’/d’ X = R/D [or R/2R or 1/2]

To solve for R find: [r should be about 50]

Remember that the perpendicular to the midpoint of any line connecting two points on a circle touches the origin of the circle (by definition).


Ex. r'=17; d’=77


[r’/d’] .220779 * X = [R/D] (1/2)

X = 1 / (2 *.220779)

X = 1 / (.441558) = 2.264708


[d’/r’] 4.529411* X = [D/R] 2

X = 2 / (4.529411) = .441558

121902_Jerry suggests this formula for any N-agon on a cartesian plane with all vertices on known points.:

A. Count numbers of graph points crossed in the description of the N-agon’s perimeter

B. Count number of points enclosed (not touching the perimeter) within the N-agon

(A/2+B) – 1 = Area of the N-agon!

Ex. 1: A square: on the four points: (0, 0); (0, 2); (2, 0); (2, 2)

A= the 8 points on the perimeter

B= the sole point (1, 1) within the figure

Area = (8/2 + 1) –1 = 4; correct!

Try a more complex figure:

Ex. 2: A triangle on the three points: (0, 0); (0, 6); (3, 4) [yes, I did this purposefully]

And this formula is not viable! Perhaps Jerry needs to tweak it?

Ex. 3: A square: on the four points: (0, 0); (0, 4); (4, 0); (4, 4)

A= the 16 points on the perimeter

B= the 9 points within the figure

Area = 16 but not by this effort!



JESHO: publication

JESHO=JEShO=Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (Leiden)

[B_380,rvw] CATNYP# M-10 3166

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

Leiden, E. Brill, 1957-




See UHN: p. 158:

fig 13.77 See astronomical table by Levi ben Gerson, a French-Jewish savant [1288-1344 CE].





[B_433,prsu] CATNYP# *OAA (Archives d’histoire du droit oriental) Library has Tome 1-4
“Archives d’histoire du droit oriental.”
Jewish Law review.
See also AHDO



Calculating the diameter of a circle, given the circumference:

Eruvin 13b, 14a, 76a-b; Succah 7b


Calculating the square units of a circular area given the square units of a square area of the same diameter, and vice versa:

Eruvin 14b, 56b-57a, 76a-b; Succah 8a-b


Calculating the square units of a circle circumscribing, or circumscribed by, a square:

Eruvin 76a-b; Succah 8a-b


Calculating the hypotenuse of a square, given the length of a side:

Eruvin 57a, 76b; Succah 8a


Rabban Gamliel's use of ratios to determine the height of distant objects:

Eruvin 43b


From this link:




See also Bernard Raphael Goldstein: works on Jewish Astronomy/Astronomers




1109 Fifth Avenue at 92nd Street, Manhattan.

Museum hours are: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday,

11 am to 5:45 pm;

Tuesday, 11 am to 8 pm;

closed Friday and Saturday.

Museum admission is $8 adults; $5.50 students and senior citizens; free admission for children under 12.

On Tuesday evenings from 5 to 8 pm admission is pay what you wish.



JEWS: (Greek) papyrus; My People; inscriptions

(as per E. G. Turner) P. Jews = Jews and Christians in Egypt: The Jewish Troubles in Alexandria and the Athanasian Controversy, ed. H. I. Bell, London, 1924. See CRUM.


[B_180b,8.5,IMG, v. 2] CATNYP# *OBQ+ 73-2731 t. 82, “Hommages Serge Sauneron, Cairo, 1979.

See volume two, work by Rene Khoury, “Note sur les foires et pelerinages Juifs d’Egypte.” With Hebrew Inscriptions.


See also:







[B_182a,IMG,8.5] CATNYP# *OBL, Institut Francais d’Arch. A la Bibliotheque nationale de Paris, Le Caire, 1931, Tome 30(3-4). Page 99.

See Stele Greco-Juive par M. Noel Aime-Giron.

(Greek) Use of “Sabbatai” as Sabbath eve.


See work by Seymour de Ricci in “Comptes rendus de l’Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres”, 1908, p. 797.



[B_227,8.5] CATNYP# *OBT 92-4385

“Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in ancient times / Donald B. Redford”

Princeton, NJ, 1992.

See Khabiru, Abiru, Apiru [dust makers, a derogatory term], Habiru, Hapiru…

See analysis of AE military and political campaigns including the battle of Kadesh.

See Amarna tablets.



“Who were the ‘Apiru in the Tell el-Amarna Letters?

Describe them.”

See paper by L. Bailey. 21 April 1997.


[B_228,8.5] CATNYP# *OCZ (Pritchard, J. B. Ancient Near East)

“The ancient Near East; an anthology of texts and pictures. Translators and annotators: W. F. Albright [and others].”

Princeton, 1958

See refences to:

[Akkadian hymn to] ISHTAR

“Israel is laid waste, his seed is not”

and [hymn of] MERNEPTAH stele.


(as per L. Bailey) See the Tell el-Amarna Letters.


Compare psalm 104 to the [monotheistic?] Hymn to the Aton


[B_261,JH,8.5] CATNYP# *PDB 97-3637

“Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament / John D. Currid ; foreword by Kenneth A. Kitchen.”

Grand Rapids, Michigan. : Baker Books, c1997.

See Torah for details.


[B_262,8.5] CATNYP# *OBT (Irving, B. A. Egypt and the Bible) (Locked


“Egypt and the Bible, being an enquiry into the traces discernible in Holy Scripture of the influence exerted on the character of the Hebrews by their residence in Egypt. By B. A. Irving…”

Cambridge, 1853.


[B_263,MICRO,rvw] CATNYP# *ZO-317 No. 4.

*ZZ-21, 685 Master Negative

“The Exodus papyri [microform]. By the Rev. D. I. Heath…With a historical and chronological introduction by Miss F. Corbaux.”

London, 1855.


See marriage contracts [Kettuvim] at:


P.Brem. 1. Report from the Jewish war:

(Greek; 115 AD; from Herm<Apollonopolite Heptakomias)


Analysis of the Y chromosome has already yielded interesting results. Dr. Ariella Oppenheim of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem said she had found considerable similarity between Jews and Israeli and Palestinian Arabs, as if the Y chromosomes of both groups had been drawn from a common population that began to expand 7,800 years ago.


See Codex Balduini


[B_561,NO COPY,JH]

CATNYP# **P 02-93

“Essai sur les Juifs de la Chine, et sur l’influence qu’ils ont eue sur la litterature de ce vaste empire, avant l’ere chretienne…”

Paris, 1837

By A. Sionnet.

Reprinted from APC [1837].

Discussing that Jesuits entered mainland China prior to 1704


1. Gaubil, Histoire de l’astronomie chinoise

2. Gaubil, Chronologie Chinoise

3. Abel Remusat [see cubits!], Memoire sur Lau-Tseu [Lao-Tzu ~604 BCE]


See ADLER; [B_385=O_016,8.5,IMG]


[Submitted by Michael Tilgner]
* In Biblical Archaeology Review, September / October, 2003:
Manfred Bietak, " Israelites Found in Egypt. Four-Room House
Identified in Medinet Habu"
"A sharp-eyed excavator notes something striking on an old Egyptian
dig report-a house plan long associated with the Israelites in Canaan."
(as per EEF 102204)
* Press article about the supposed interrelations between
Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew texts:
* Press article about the ancient Jewish colony at Elephantine:
intro to Univ. Penn. Papyri collection/judaica.


More on confusion of tongues see TORAH and this link.

See article “Ancient Orient and Old Testament“ by Kenneth A. Kitchen
at link above.


JOACHIM: (Greek and demotic) ostraca

(as per D. Meeks) seek Prinz Joachim Ostraka, 25.


[B_156=O_058,rvw,IMG] CATNYP# OBYE (Preisigke, F. Prinz-Joachim-Ostraka),

“Die Prinz-Joachim-ostraka. Griechische und demotische Beisetzungsurkunden fur Ibis- und Falkenmumien aus Ombos. Hrsg. Von Friedrich Preisigke und Wilhelm Spiegelberg…”, Strassburg 1914.

Mit 4 Tafeln.

Studies include animal worship.

Wilhelm Spiegelberg 1870-1930


(as per E. G. Turner) AKA O. Pr. Joachim.


O. Joach.: (Greek; 79 bce)


JOB: get one

[B_536, no copy,SIBL]

CATNYP# JBE 93-2226

“The goal: beating the competition / Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox.”

Aldershot, c1984

Stimulating novel. Well written to lead the reader on a path of self dicovery and improved focus.

(as per LB)


> Alexis Technology 63 Timberline Drive P. O. Box 4246 Wayne, NJ

> 07470 973-694-2881

> Avionics Research Corporation 1393 Veterans Memorial Hwy Suite 307

> Hauppauge, NY 11788-3025 631-724-4244

> CDI 1747 Veterans Memorial Hwy Suite 18 Islandia, NY 11749

> 631-232-3232

> Century Staffing Services 2 Bridge Avenue Bldg. 5, 2nd Floor Red

> Bank, NJ 07701 732-345-1661

> Comforce 20 Crossways Park Drive, North Woodbury, NY 11797

> 800-562-0123

> Contract Specialties Group 755 Waverly Avenue Suite 305

> Holtsville, NY 11742 631-475-7900

> G. D. Barri & Associates 6860 West Peoria Avenue Peoria, AZ

> 85345 623-773-0410

> General Research 100 State Street P. O. Box 777 Teaneck, NJ

> 07666 201-833-2444

> Hepco, Inc. 301 Route 17 North 7th Floor Rutherford, NJ

> 07070-2575 201-842-1600

> Joule Technical Services 1235 Route 1 South Edison, NJ

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> L. J. Gonzer 1225 Raymond Boulevard Newark, NJ 07102

> 800-631-4218

> Landmarks, LTD 99 W. Hawthorne Avenue Suite #L-4 Valley Stream, NY

> 11580 516-461-7378

> Lehigh-GIT 1121 Old Walt Whitman Road Suite 202 Melville, NY

> 11747 800-366-7810

> McKeon-Grano Associates Elmwood Park Plaza 475 Market Street, 4th


> Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 201-475-8805

> Multitech Associates 165-A Ryan Street` South Plainfiled, NJ

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> Nesco Service Company 1121 Old Walt Whitman Road Suite 202

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> Omne Staffing Services, Inc. 4 Commerce Drive Cranford, NJ

> 07016 908-931-9840

> Research Management Group 1393 Veterans Memorial Hwy Suite 307

> Hauppauge, NY 11788-3025 800-562-8463

> Rotator Services, Inc. 575 Cranbury Road P. O. Box 366 New

> Brunswick, NJ 08816 732-238-6050

> Search Associates 17 Academy Street Suite 1004 Newark, NJ

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> Sherman Services 441 Millstone Road P. O. Box 598 Clarksburg,

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> Teamstaff Solutions 245 5th Avenue Suite 701 New York, NY 10016

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> Tech/Aid 727 Post Road East Westport, CT 06880

> 888-750-4055

> TSD Advanced 212 Pompton Avenue Verona, NJ 07044

> 877-873-2330

> Volt Services Group 1212 Avenue of the Americas 9th Floor New

> York, NY 10036 212-719-7840


[Bruce Friedman]

As the newest addition to ____________, he brings energy, enthusiasm and more than twenty years of

commercial and institutional contracting experience to the Team.

Mr. _________ has been fundamental in many active hospital renovations including; Saint Francis, Saint

Agnes, and Saint Clare.

He maintains strict safety policies to protect all personnel and property.

Mr. _______ understands the need for cohesion and cooperation between the designers, the clients, and the Construction Team.  He has a reputation for quickly disarming volatile situations.

In charge of cost Estimating, scheduling and project management, Mr. _______ reviews all specifications and is responsible for keeping projects on time, and within budget.






JOMARD: (Author); French Mathematician.

Monsieur Edme-Francois Jomard, 1777-1862


(As per A. E. Berriman) E. Jomard was a mathematician with the team of scientists with Napoleon’s Army during the invasion of Egypt.

See [B_175 and B_177].


Pursue cubit info in all available texts:


[B_174,IGNR,8.5,cvr only] CATNYP# *OBN (Jomard, E. F. Notice sur les signes ..) “Notice sur les signes numeriques des anciens egyptiens; precedee du plan d’un ouvrage ayant pour titre: Observations et recherches nouvelles sur les hieroglyphes accompagnes d’un tableau methodique des signes; Par M. Jomard…” Paris, 1819.

This text describes the origins of the decipherment of glyph numerals.

See Medinat habu pylon posterior with much numerical content.

Jomard compares the lotus glyph for 1000 to the ancient Chinese.


[B_175,8.5,ALL] CATNYP# *ZO-*OBL p.v. 1, no. 15.

“Description d’un etalon metrique, orne d’hieroglyphes, decouvert dans les ruines de Memphis par les soins de M. le Chevalier Drovetti, Consul General de France en Egypte.” [Microform], Paris, 1822.

This text includes one plate with a sketch of a cubit = 520mm.

Copies are 25 cents at room 100, NYPL.

The microform image is from a badly damaged text.

The cubit shows many errant? divisions.

See “Heptadoros chez les Juifs”, p. 9.

[Referring to a Cubit of 7 Palms, Jewish.]

Consider likely fractions of a short or long cubit (6 or 7 palms):















See reference to coudee [CUBIT] noire, meqyas, p. 14.

Note many errant? divisions.

See reference to coudee de Polybe, Celle de meqyas de

Roudah, p. 19.

See Rodah.


[B_176,goto 174,OS,cvr,1PLT,IGNR] CATNYP# *OBN++ (Jomard, E. F. Remarques sur les signes…) “Remarques sur les signes numeriques des anciens Egyptiens; fragment d’un ouvrage ayant pour titre: Observations et recherches nouvelles sur les hieroglyphes accompagnees d’un tableau methodique des signes; Par M. Jomard…” Paris, [1819?]. [s.d.]

14 pages with one plate. No cubit image.

This is largely similar and extracted from [B_174] above.


[B_177,NO IMG,OS] CATNYP# *VBDB+++ (Jomard, E. F. Memoire sur le systeme…) “Memoire sur le systeme metrique des anciens Egyptiens contenant des recherches sur leurs connaissances geometriques et sur les mesures des autres peuples de l’antiquite” by E. Jomard, Paris, 1817.

(Rare) Texts with VBDB are typically housed at the science library.

This text must be requested via the NYPL annex.

Requested access 12/19/00…Text at room 219, 12/26/00.

A very large volume of metrological data.


[B_178=R_002,IMG,OS,SIBL] Not found in Catnyp computer records.

Instead use old catalog; volume 395, page 29, card#12.

NOT available at the Science Library.

CATNYP# OAC p.v. 7,

“Lettre a Monsieur Abel Remusat, sur une nouvelles mesure de coudee trouve a Memphis par le Chever Drovetti.” Paris 1827.

Includes one folded plate!

This text reported to be at the NYPL Science Library was not found!

It may have been stolen.

The only copies known, found by the helpful NYPL reference Librarians, are at:

Cornell Univ. Library, NY (not verified).

Wilbour Library in the Brooklyn Museum (verified 12/27/00).

My efforts of 1/3/01:

I viewed and copied much of this and note that the volume at the Wilbour Library was bound with “Etalon Metrique” [B_175] and included a detailed plate from each of the texts.

This Tome was inscribed by Jomard to Lepsius!

(as per M. St. John)

Leppy’s [B_149] Page 16, footnote 1, on the subject of three fragments found by d'Anastasi and sent to Italy.

It would seem that Jomard wrote about these three fragments of cubits on page19 of his Lettre a M. Abel Remusat, and this is also mentioned on page 208 of volume LIII of the Bibliotheca Italiana.


See this link with image of A. Remusat


See this link to Remusat’s focus


See this link to “Description de l’Egypte”


(as per G. Oaten) Jomard may have stumbled upon a cubit in an Arab Bazaar in Cairo, 1824. It has been reported he began to work on the recently excavated item at that time and he may have recorded its dimensions!

This might help resolve dimensions affected by the swelling of cubits in European Museums. Probably not.


(My thoughts) Even the metric system was unresolved in 1827 and Jomard’s own ruler has not been subject to close scrutiny.



JSAS: publication

JSAS=JSAS=Journal of the Serbian Archaeological Society,
(Glasnik Srpskog arheoloskog drustva), Belgrade.
(As per EEF; Dr. Branislav Andelkovic; 112703)
President of the Section for the Near Eastern Archaeology,
Serbian Archaeological Society [SAS]
See Volume 19, 2003:
Banjevic, B., Statistical and Astronomical Methods in Chronology with a
View on Ancient Egyptian Dates. [Pp. 169-180; English; Serbian summary]
JSAS (YU ISSN 0352-5678) is published annually by the Serbian
Archaeological Society, Belgrade.

JTS: Jewish Theological Seminary

3080 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

(212) 678-8082

Open to the public with a photo ID.



JUDAICA: bookstores

See Torah; Talmud; Jews; Hebrew Cubits…


(Judaica) Bookstore in NYC: Eichlers

at: 62 West 45th St. near 6th Avenue. 212 719-1918.


Other NYC Judaica Bookstore, The Home of the Sages

at: 152-154 Henry Street.


The following was all suggested by NYPL; JH; Dorot Division:



4409 16th Ave

Brooklyn NY 11204

718 436-1165


Center for Jewish History

15 W. 16th St.

917 606-8220


Central Yiddish Culture Organization

25 E. 21st St.

212 505-8305


Eichler’s (other location)

1401 Coney Island Ave.

Brooklyn NY 10028

718 258-7643


Feller’s Judaica

1205 Lexington Ave.

212 472-2300


Gift World

72-20 Main St.

Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367

718 261-0233


Gurary Israeli Trading Corp.

4703 New Utrecht Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11219

718 437-9251


Jewish Museum Cooper Shop

5th Ave. and 92nd St.

212 423-3211


The Judaica Experience

208-10 W. 72nd St.

212 724-2424


Levine Books & Judaica

5 W. 30th St.

212 695-6888


Safra Judaica

141-24 Jewel Ave.

Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367

718 268-5151


Sifrutake: Israeli Culture Center in America

486 Avenue P

Brooklyn NY 11223

718 382-9128 or 1-800 737-8853


West Side Judaica

2412 Broadway (between 88th and 89th Streets)

212 362-7846


Workmen’s Circle Jewish Book Center

45 E. 33rd St.

212 889-6800




Jason Aronson Inc.

230 Livingston St.

Northvale NJ 07647

201 767-4093

P.O. Box 707

Owings Mills, MD 21117

1-800 827-2400

2028 Murray Ave.

Pittsburg PA 15217



National Yiddish Book Center

Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Building

Amherst MA 01002-3375

1-800 535-3595




Behrman House

11 Edison Pl.

Springfield NJ 07081

1-800 221-2755


Bloch Publishing Co.

118 E. 28th St., Suite 501-503

212 532-3977



200 Airport Executive Park

Nanuet, NY 10954

845 356-2282 or 1-800 237-7149


Jason Aronson Inc.

230 Livingston St.

Northvale NJ 07647

201 767-4093


Jewish Publication Society

2100 Arch St., 2nd floor

Philadelphia PA 19103

215 832-0600 or 1-800 234-3151


Jonathan David Publishers, Inc.

68-22 Eliot Ave.

Middle Village NY 11379-1194


718 456-8611


Judaica Press

123 Ditmas Ave.

Brooklyn NY 11218

718 972-6200 or 1-800 972-6201


Kehot Publication Society

770 Eastern Pkwy

Brooklyn NY 11213

718 493-9250

[publisher of Lubavitcher texts]


Ktav Publications

900 Jefferson St.

Hoboken NJ 07030-7205

201 963-9524


Mesorah Publications

4401 Second Ave.

Brooklyn NY 11232

718 921-9000 or 1-800 637-6724

[publisher of ArtScroll series]


Dealers in out-of-print Judaica


Argosy Book Store

116 East 59th St.

212 753-4455


Aurora Fine Books

547 W. 27th St., Suite 570

212 947-0422


Broder’s Rare & Used Books

205 Columbia Blvd.

Waterbury CT 06710

203 755-1114

fax 203 575-9308


Henry Hollander, Bookseller

55 New Montgomery St., Suite 317

San Francisco CA 94105

415 882-4541


Ideal Book Store

547 W. 110th St.

212 662-1909

fax 212 662-1640


Eveyn Pearl

219 W. 81st St., #5A

212 877-1704

fax 212 787-3466


Schoen Books

One Cottage St.

Easthampton MA 01027

413 527-4780

fax 413 529-9748


Schwartz Judaica

1934 Pentuckett Avenue

San Diego CA 92104-5732

619 232-5888

fax 619 233-5833


John & Judy Trotter

13 Sentinel Square

Brent St.

London NW4 2EL



Irving Ungar, Historicana

1200 Edgehill Dr.

Burlingame CA 94010

415 343-9578

fax 415 579-6014





JUMILHAC: (Ptolemaic or Roman?; AE; demotic) mythical papyrus

[B_052,IGNR,8.5’s,NO IMG] CATNYP#OBKQ+ (Paris. Musee National du Louvre. Departement des Antiquities egyptiennes. Mss. (Papyrus Jumilhac) Pap), "Le Papyrus Jumilhac.[Edition et Traduction] par Jacques Vandier.", Paris 1961.

In the Louvre as of 1945.

Louvre # E. 17110; 9 meters long from the Old Kingdom.

*The item may be OK [but then not Ptolemaic or demotic!]

I may have confused this with P. d’ORBINEY.

A unique text. Little or no math.

See also the papyrus collection of:

(Consul Generale) Raymond Sabatier (1810-1879).


[W_026=B_052] WATSON# 533.6 V28.




With the tale of the two brothers.: See ORBINEY.



JUNE 22: less than 1/365th of what matters

See UHN: p. 42: JUNE 22, 1799: Definitive standard metre and kilogram made of platinum, were deposited in the French National Archives.


Some other tidbits:

Kris Kristofferson: Born June 22, 1936


Lindsay Wagner : The Bionic Woman and Meryl Streep

Both actual birthdate: June 22, 1949


Freddie Prinze, born June 22, 1954


Cyndi Lauper, born June 22, 1953


JUNG: (Gnostic) codex



SUMMIT# BT1390 .C7 1955

“The Jung Codex, a newly recovered Gnostic papyrus; three studies.”

London, 1955.

Edited by Frank Leslie Cross [1900-1968].






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