Master Guide for analyses of ACHMIM HIERATIC Wood Tablets.
C.G. 25.367 and 25.368; 12th Dynasty Egyptian Math.
Created: February 1, 2003

Prepared by Bruce C. Friedman

Last modified: October 10, 2004 as per H. Vymazalova.

Note that the symbols for 1/3 and 1/16 hk3t are identical.

Note that the double symbol 1/6 appears to be identical to a symbol which represents 1/6 on the 12th Dynasty KAHUN Mathematical Papyri.
Source texts (for the images and analysis):

Image source text:

Catalogue General des Antiquites Egyptiennes du Musee du Caire.
1901 volume by G. Daressy contains [ostraca] No.s 25001-25385.

Analysis comparison text:

Recuiel de Travaux [Relatifs a la Philologie et a l'Archeologie] #28 (1906?), p. 62 ff.

Includes this article by Georges Daressy: "Calculs Egyptiens du Moyen Empire."

*Superior images and analysis via Hana Vymazalova in Archiv Orientalni, Praha, 2002.

Article: The Wooden Tablets from Cairo: The Use of the Grain Unit hk3t in Ancient Egypt.

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