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LAST MODIFIED: June 29, 2003

Meanwhile back in the jungle..
I still do not remember where I got this!
It is probably from my efforts at the Cairo Museum.

Please look at the next to last entry in column II.
(COLUMN, Q#17)
This entry appears to read:
1/something? = 1/one hundred ninety-something else (plus)
1/10 or the 1/10 is part of 1/40-something else (plus)
1/28 (definite!).

I have stewed over this one!

I have been unable to generate an equality that satisfies any of my instincts for correctness. I think I would be happy if two or fewer corrections create an equality.

The following are my observations as to how we can "guess".
A. The totals of questions 14-18 in column II suggest a pattern.
B. This suggests 1/13 as the total for this question.  Just a hunch.
C. The 1/40-something may be 1/42 or 1/49.
D. 1/28 = 1/ (2 X 14), 1/42 = 1/ (3 X 14)
E. If we use 1/42 or 1/49 we eliminate 1/10.
F. The one hundred ninety-something is likely a multiple of 13 or 14 or 28 or 42 or 49.
G. 42 won't cut it!

H. 196=28 X 7, 196=14 X 14, 196=49 X 4:

This leads to a possible solution with the addition of 1/98.  1/14=1/196+1/98+1/49+1/28 !

I. Guessing is not helping! You may wish to review my analysis of the big UGLY on the QUEST Page.

I need your help people!

Do you want to see what this looked like when I got it?
Click on the big UGLY!

The big UGLY has been identified!  

J. Legon recognized it as a portion of the Egyptian Mathematical Leather Roll.  

Visit his site which reviews the linear progression problems from the Kahun Mathematical Papyri.


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