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The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus A portion of the document in very good view and in color.  Please note that this site is in French (and Hieratic) but no language skills are really needed to appreciate this 4000 year old scrap of paper.  This is the same link to the RMP as the one on the HOME PAGE.

The R.M.P. with a little larger portion of the scroll shown but not as clear as above.

A beginners intro to Hieratic (by S. Fryer) really only for novices.  This is still worth a look.

The University of Michigan Papyrus Collection is an extensive collection in fairly good catalogued order but mostly Roman/Latin or Demotic.

The Hieratic Papyrus of Princess Nesikhonsu at the middle of this page is mildly entertaining but the real prize is the article which accompanies it.  READ THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE OR ELSE!

The Hieratic Estrogen Award goes to this German site for an interesting look at ancient feminine hygiene and related topics.  Visit this site for good Hieratic images of the Ebers and Edwin Smith Medical Papyri.  English translations are available.

The Ramses IV Tomb Blueprint available via this Italian link has much Hieratic numerical content and is really cool anyway.


A glyph picture of Solar Boats from the walls of the RAMESSEUM near the Valley of the Kings.

I wish I could have gotten closer to the Sphinx.  My construction expertise/ career leads me to conclude that unlike the wind eroded and mildly rain eroded pyramids, the Sphinx has been nearly obliterated because of water damage!  The eroded portions of the Sphinx are the lowest elevation on the Giza Plateau.  But I think the damage is even too great for run-off.  Meanwhile the Nile is a few miles away!
I imagine that the volume of water required to do such damage could also have been capable of transporting the recently discovered Solar Boat to the Plateau.  This implies a great flood.  
The Solar boat is about 60' long and was found near Khufu at Giza INTACT.  Several very large 70 ton stones were moved to expose it!
During my visit to Saqarra, about 30 minutes from Giza, (seven miles by bird) I was able to access a site that had two large stone lined chambers cut in the ground.  They appeared to have also housed similar Solar Boats.  Definitely no solar panels, just wind and oars!

What looks like water back there is only a mirage!  The area is mostly - you guessed it - SAND.  

The background is an irrigated, developed and lightly populated (rural) suburb of Cairo.


The Giza Plateau-  I wanted to touch the Sphinx.
  Instead it touched me.

The damage above the top of the front paws could have been caused by the minimal rainfall. Average annual rainfall at Giza is about one inch! Did I mention Sandstorms?

The damage at the Sphinx's base was caused by a torrent.  Many torrents.
Or, maybe I am wrong.
Maybe the Sphinx was surrounded by water and fish ate it.

More Hieratic images! A-O

A. (S. Fryer) A Hieratic fragment of a letter from the horde of papyri recovered at Kahun/Gurob (now called Lahun).

B. The Deir el Medina database will soon be a much better tool for Hieratic research. As it stands now it has a few useful translations.  Visit and explore!

C. A link to many other Universities and collections including the Duke Archive, Oxford, U of Michigan..

D. More from the S. Fryer pages. A Hieratic letter of reminder with translation (from Petrie/Kahun/Gurob/Lahun).

G. Picture and review of a Mathematical Hieratic fragment from Kahun (Kahun IV, 3, columns11 and 12) by J. Legon.  Linear progression analysis.  Many thanks for identifying the big UGLY!

H. One very good new kingdom sample from the Duke Archives.

J. The Book of the Dead with Hieratic images from the Detroit Institute.

K. A portion of a record of a tomb robbery.  An inside job. (from ODYSSEY)

M. Review with translation from Ebers Papyrus. Also tr. and partial image of the Edwin Smith P. From Crystalinks.

N. CSAD link to a GREEK Oxyrhynchus papyrus image.

Miscellaneous sites without Hieratic images.  M1-M16

M2. The Griffith Institute collection of Hieroglyph transcriptions.

M3. The Munich Institute for Egyptology

M4. The Sphinx. Some other reports on the dating of the Sphinx and notes about erosion.  Compare this to my notes above.

M6. The Rhind 2/n table (by Milo Gardner) for all n (odd) 3-101 in modern notation only.  

M10. Sites with postings of research by Milo Gardner. 1   2   3  4

M10b.  M. Gardner while not otherwise endorsing it,  has suggested reading the following: "From Ahmes to Cantor" by Midhat Gazale. Follow this LINK to purchase this text.  

M11. The WWW egypt index.

M12. Translation of Tale of the Eloquent Peasant.

M13. Intense number theory distractions from D. Eppstein. Not historically accurate, but interesting.

M14. Translation of Papyrus of Ani, AKA The Book of the Dead from U. Penn.

M15. Recent Wilbour aquisitions.

M16. H. Papazian's Site. (Advanced)




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